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District at a Glance: Highly trained and deeply dedicated staff, cutting-edge academic programs, and strong community support are among the district’s hallmarks. Our student population is diverse, with students who speak more than 125 languages and dialects.

Strategic Plan: On January 30, 2014, Superintendent Valeria Silva delivered the State of the District to introduce next steps for accelerating student achievement through Strong Schools, Strong Communities 2.0 (PDF), a continuation of the groundwork established under the first phase of the strategic plan. The School Board of Education approved the strategic plan on March 18, 2014.

Racial Equity: Our commitment to excellence in equity is the foundation for the Strong Schools, Strong Communities Strategic Plan—in the classroom, in school choice and in the assignment of resources. Our plan seeks to transform classrooms, thereby transforming lives, families, neighborhoods and touching our entire community.

Personalized Learning: Personalized Learning is an instructional strategy that tailors teaching and learning to Saint Paul Public School's diverse student body.

SPORTS: All of the sports teams in the Saint Paul City Conference. The Saint Paul City Conference consists of seven public high schools and twelve middle schools located in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

TRENDING: Interested in what's trending at Saint Paul Public Schools? SPPS invites you to ask questions and chat about current topics.

SUMMER HEAT GUIDE: Learn how to keep your child safe in hot weather, how schools and sports teams prepare for hotter temps and more.